Walpole TA Boynton's Message on Winter Storm Nemo

An emergency shelter will be set up at the Walpole Senior Center in Town Hall.

As you are aware, Walpole and all Massachusetts Communities are actively preparing for the approach and arrival of Winter Storm Nemo. Walpole residents and businesses are asked and urged to pay close attention to weather forecasts and news reports regarding this large and potentially dangerous storm as it approaches our area. Please make any and all necessary preparations as soon as possible as conditions will deteriorate as we move through the day Friday and into Saturday. We expect to be impacted with a variety of heavy blowing and drifting snow, high winds, dangerous if not impassible travel conditions, and overall blizzard conditions throughout the storm. Power outages resulting from high winds and heavy snow are of great concern at this time. 

Walpole’s Emergency Team has been preparing for this storm for several days. Equipment and supplies are set to be deployed, and staff are closely monitoring the storm’s progress, and are in communication with weather services, state emergency agencies as well as local utilities to provide a timely response here in Walpole. Locally we will activate our Emergency Operations Center here at Town Hall at NOON on Friday. All Town Offices and Walpole Public Schools will be closed all day on Friday.

If so needed, a shelter setting has been arranged at the Walpole Senior Center, here at Town Hall. In the event that additional space is required, larger locations have been identified and will be utilized.  Transportation to the shelter will be available upon request. We are also preparing to accommodate residents who may need technology support, such as internet access, during post-storm power outages.

We also ask for your assistance both during AND after this storm moves into the area. Please take note of the following:

            - Please report any police, fire or medical emergency by dialing 911.

            - Road conditions will deteriorate rapidly during Friday. Plows and emergency personnel urge residents to stay off of roadways during the storm to allow emergency resources unimpeded access.

            - Please check on neighbors who are elderly or disabled who may need some assistance.

            - Power outages should be reported directly to NSTAR at 800-592-2000. It is important that you make a record of these outages so that NSTAR will know who is out. The Town will be in contact with NSTAR throughout the storm. Please do not call the Police or fire departments to report a power outage unless you have power lines down. Do not approach or touch any downed wires, and be extra cautious as some live wires may be hidden under the snow cover.

            - Also, unless you are experiencing an emergency situation, please do not call the police or fire departments regarding the plowing of your street or road. DPW Crews, supervisors and contractors will be travelling throughout Town during the storm and will be certain all streets are plowed.

            - Be certain to test the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in the event of a power failure. In addition, please be certain to keep all gas appliance and boiler exhaust vents around your home clear of building or drifting snow. A failure to clear these vents could allow dangerous carbon monoxide fumes to back up into your home.

            - After the storm passes, please assist our Fire Department with the shoveling of Fire Hydrants near your home. In any fire situation seconds count and having a free and accessible hydrant is essential.

            -In addition, please assist with the clearing of storm drains if possible in your area after the storm has passed. This will help to prevent localized flooding conditions from melting snow or any rain events in the days that follow the storm.

            - After the storm, please be aware that it will be many hours before all streets, roads, and parking areas are fully plowed and cleared. To the greatest degree possible please give our crews time and space to complete their work.

Please contact the EOC to with any questions regarding the storm, or to report any non-emergency conditions such as downed trees blocking streets or sidewalks. That number is (508)660-6355 and it will be activated after Noon on Friday.

Residents can stay up to date with EOC & storm news via the Walpole Recreation Page on Facebook. Director Josh Cole will be updating that page throughout the storm.

We greatly appreciate your assistance and cooperation as the effects of this very large and severe storm move into our area. We will be monitoring the storm and staffing the EOC throughout the storm, and further updates will be provided as conditions warrant.

A copy of this message, as well as other storm related information is available on the Town website www.walpole-ma.gov.

Thank you and please be safe.


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