Town Issues Online Survey for Input on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Walpole

The 2 question online survey will be used to give selectmen input on the issue.

At their meeting last week, the Board of Selectmen said they would be seeking input and feedback from Walpole residents on whether they should ban medical marijuana dispensaries from setting up shop in town.

The town website currently has a two question survey for residents asking if they are in favor of a dispensary in Walpole and if so, where in town should it be located?

The options for locations on the survey are an industrial area in Walpole, downtown Walpole, a retail/mall/plaza area, a residential area or not in town at all.

The board decided to add a discussion on whether Walpole should set up bylaws to ban dispensaries to their meeting agenda for Jan. 22. They are hoping residents will take the opportunity to voice their opinions or concerns about the issue.

Walpole voted to approve Ballot Question 3 in the November election with 7,492 votes for 'Yes' and 6,164 votes for 'No'.

To take the survey click here.



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