Walpole Police Officers Travel to New York for Sandy Relief

Walpole Police Officers Steve Foley, Jim Moses and Jackie Hazeldine spent their Veterans Day weekend helping victims of Superstorm Sandy.

From the Walpole Police Department:

Three (3) Walpole Police Officers spent part of their Veterans Day weekend bringing much needed emergency supplies to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Walpole Police Officers Steve Foley, Jim Moses (both pictured to the left in front of a mound of donations) and Jackie Hazeldine collected donations from fellow officers and were able to buy hundreds of dollars worth of supplies from Wal-Mart, who also generously donated to the cause.

From there, they joined with Stoughton, Sharon and Brockton Police and were able to fill 2 box trucks full of donations. Everything from winter clothing, to food and water was packed into box trucks, and Officers Foley and Moses took the road trip down to Staten Island with several officers from the other departments. The Stoughton Police were able to coordinate with local charities prior to the trip, and once there, they met up and were able to distribute the goods to the needy families still reeling from Hurricane Sandy.

Officer Foley said some of the people they spoke with had not seen any government assistance to date, and that they have been depending on the generosity of normal, every day citizens who have banded together to organize events just like this one.

The Walpole Police Department would like to thank Officers Foley, Moses and Hazeldine, as well as their counterparts from Stoughton, Sharon and Brockton, for their self-less devotion to helping others.


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