UPDATED: SWAT Team Called to Fisher Street for Domestic Incident Late Monday

A Walpole man was arrested early Tuesday morning for allegedly making threats to his family members about using a gun on them.

Update 2:45 p.m.- Walpole Police Chief Richard Stillman elaborated on the threat Caci allegedly made to his family members.

"The information we had was that this individual claimed to have a “Glock” and to say this will end with either him being homeless, in jail or by him killing three cops before ‘they’ take him out," Stillman said in an email.

"In an effort to ensure everyone’s safety, the house was surrounded and attempts were made to get him to communicate with Metro’s Crisis Negotiators.  He would not communicate so robots and pole cameras were deployed into the house to determine where he was.  All of this takes time as it has to be done with great care so as not to expose Metro officers to excessive dangers.  Once it was determined where he was an arrest team and K9 was deployed into the house to effect an arrest," he said.


A SWAT team and crisis negotiation team were called into Walpole last night for a man who barricaded himself in his Fisher Street home after allegedly making threats to his family members about using a gun on them.

Alexander Caci, 23, of 278 Fisher Street was arrested after a long standoff where law enforcement officials were unable to make contact with Caci throughout most of the five-hour ordeal.

According to Walpole Deputy Police Chief John Carmichael, the incident stemmed from an argument with his father, mother and sister around 9 p.m. Monday.

"It kind of escalated to the point where he began to make some threats towards the family," Carmichael said. "He had indicated that he had a weapon or a gun and that he would use it. The family ended up fleeing the house and coming down to the police station.”

Due to the nature of the threat, a Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council (MetroLEC) task force and a crisis negotiation team, along with the Walpole Police Department, set up a perimeter around the house and staging at Norfolk County Agricultural High School. They then tried to make contact with Caci, who was alone in the house, but were unable to do so.

Carmichael said that Caci's family members had communication with him early on in the incident via cell phone but authorities were unable to make contact after that.

“Ultimately they had to do an entry into the house and he was taken into custody probably between 2-3 a.m.," Carmichael said.

Caci was located in an upstairs bedroom sleeping in a bed by a K-9 officer. He was bit by the K-9 in the forearm and was injured.

"After they breached the house they did a dynamic entry and the K-9 dog located him in the upstairs bedroom sound asleep. The dog bit him as they were taking him into custody and he was placed under arrest. He was transported over to Norwood Hospital to have the bite wound treated and then he was transported here back to the station,” Carmichael said.

Authorities did not find a weapon in a search of the house.

"He was debriefed on that thought back here at the station afterwards. He said that at one point he did have possession of a firearm about a year ago but he had sold the weapon and no longer has possession of it,” Carmichael said. “He indicated at that point that he basically used that, kind of, as leverage to scare his family.”

“He’s had some mental health and substance issues. He was on medication so obviously our fear at that point was that he could have done something to himself. But where there’s talk of a weapon and everything CNT and SWAT did everything they could maintain communication with him. They used megaphones, they used telephones, his cell phone,” he said.

Carmichael said Caci has been arrested in the past but never for anything involving a weapon.

“He’s been arrested for minor stuff here and there. No violent crimes, mostly family and domestic issues, similar to this," he said.

Caci was charged with threats to commit a crime and domestic assault. The domestic assault charge stems from "him making the threat that he had a weapon and that he would used it against them.”

Caci will be arraigned at Wrentham District Court today.


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