House Breaks Occurring Mostly in East Walpole and North Walpole

Walpole Police suggest making sure that windows and doors are locked when no one is home.

Walpole Police are turning to the community for help in preventing a recent rash of house breaks in the East Walpole and North Walpole area.

In the past three weeks there have been 8 residential house breaks and a commercial break at Walpole Country Club.

“The house breaks are mostly confined to East Walpole and a little bit into North Walpole and a couple of those have been door kicks or just getting into unsecured buildings," said Deputy Police Chief John Carmichael.

The streets where the incidents have occurred include North Street, East Street, Pleasant Street, Covey Road and Walden Drive. Walpole Country Club is on Baker Street.

“We think they’re happening early afternoon through early evening. Usually when people aren’t home,” he said.

Carmichael said that typically a thief won’t break into a house unless the people who live there aren’t home.

“There’s a lot less risk. They go in pretty quick. Even with an alarm or not and try to get whatever target they have there,” he said.

The victims lost mostly cash, jewelry and two laptops were stolen.

Police are looking for leads and investigating whether the breaks are related.

“[At Walpole Country Club] they went to the pro shop and the window was smashed out and they ended up getting to the cash register and a strong box. They got a little over $300 cash,” Carmichael said.

 “We don’t have any suspects in our breaks right now but we think it could be connected with some other breaks that have happened in Quincy and Norton and Cape Cod where they’ve been just focused on country clubs and golf courses. So we’re kind of looking at that angle right now," he said.

Carmichael said that residents should be cautious and report anything that doesn't look right.

“A few of them we could prevent just by locking doors and windows,” he said. “We really like people to pay attention to their surroundings. Who’s out and about walking? If somebody unfamiliar is walking around the neighborhood, suspicious cars, any times where someone is knocking at the door and the person either walks away or doesn’t give a good excuse for being there. That type of thing.”

“There always seems to be a little uptick in thefts and burglaries and B&Es at this time of year," said Carmichael. “We definitely need the help of the community to report anything that they see out of place or anything suspicious.”


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