Hundreds Gather in Walpole for Sandy Hook Victims

A candlelight vigil was held Monday night at Blackburn Hall for the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Walpole was a little brighter last night as hundreds gathered outside Blackburn Hall in a candlelight vigil for the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

“In times like these we lean on each other and find strength in each other and I hope that we can deal with this all together as a community,” said Josh Cole, Walpole Recreation director, who had a big hand in setting up the memorial.

People of all ages were helping one another to pass out candles and light the flames that would serve as a remembrance for the 20 children and 6 adults who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School and show support for those in Newtown Connecticut where the horrific massacre occurred only four days ago.

“Tonight we gather for an occasion that all of us would have done anything not to have. But we do need to have it here tonight to gather together to join one another to mourn as a community with another community,” Selectman Eric Kraus said.

Those in attendance listened to poems read aloud and sang Amazing Grace. They also held a moment of silence.

Selectman Chris Timson said of the turnout "I am very proud of Walpole as a community to see a great turnout here tonight. This isn’t the nicest night for this but it’s a tribute to Walpole and its spirit that all of you are here tonight.”

Walpole officials, including police and school leaders, have been reviewing their emergency protocol and are offering tips on how to speak to children about the shooting.

They are also taking precautions such as having a heightened police presence at all schools.

According to Walpole Police Deputy Chief John Carmichael, Tuesday will be the second day in a row there will be additional police present at all Walpole schools.




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