Walpole Patch Small Business Q&A: Walpole Music Studio

Walpole Music Studio has been in town for 42 years.

Since the 1970s, Walpole Music Studio has been serving the music needs of its community right in Walpole Center.

The East Street shop sells guitars, drums and many other instruments. It also sells music supplies and accessories, does repairs and gives lessons for many different kinds of instruments—including ukulele and harmonica.

Shop manager Greg DiGregorio talked about the store in this week's Walpole Patch Small Business Q&A.

Walpole Patch: What is one thing people might not know about the Walpole Music Studio?

Greg DiGregorio: We always try to keep our prices as good as possible and we’re honest. We’re a nice community place where people can come in and know everybody in the house. We’re not like a big chain that we don’t know who anybody is when they come in here.

WP: How has the economy affected you in the past year?

GD: You can feel it. We’re doing good but you can feel it everywhere. Everyone is cutting down in general on anything.

Steady, not better. We’ll see how it goes.

WP: What is your busiest time of day and day of the week?

GD: Probably after school hours. That’s when lessons start up, so a lot of people will come in then. I think it’s pretty even throughout the week.

WP: What is your most popular instrument you sell?

GD: Probably electric guitar, drums would be next, and bass. Those are probably the top three. Everyone plays them.

WP: What do you feel is a benefit about being a small business in Walpole?

GD: The community and just knowing everybody. We just enjoy being here.

More from Greg:

The store has been here over 42 years. Same owner. Nice community store, you know, a lot of families come here for lessons, repairs, instruments and whatnot. We try to keep a little bit of everything in stock, as you can see.

We have, I think, five great teachers. Nice people, that’s key. You know, they’re easygoing, everyone likes them and I think they make it fun.


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