New Bird Hall Property Owner Has Plans for Restaurant in East Walpole

The new owner of the plot of land at the corner of Washington and Chestnut Streets in East Walpole, where Bird Hall used to sit, intends to build a restaurant on the site.

Last Thursday East Walpole-based Hollingsworth & Vose announced the sale of the property where the Bird Hall clock tower sits.

Located at the corner of Washington and Chestnut Streets in East Walpole new owner Dianne Beatty is hoping to turn the plot of land into a restaurant.

The property is the site of the former Bird Hall, which was originally built in 1884. Hollingsworth & Vose acquired the property in 1995 after all but the historic clock tower was destroyed in a fire.

Beatty, owner of Bristol Square Café in Walpole, once operated the Bird Park Café at Bird Hall and always had an interest in returning to the site.

She intends to develop a 6,900 square foot two-story building which will house a restaurant on the first floor and incorporate the original clock tower into the design.

According to Beatty, it has been a long and complicated process to acquire and permit the property, which involved the abandoned railroad line and the Department of Transportation.

“Hollingsworth & Vose and the Town of Walpole officials were extremely helpful and committed to making this a reality,” said Beatty.

“H&V’s home office has been in East Walpole since 1871,” said Val Hollingsworth, CEO of Hollingsworth & Vose. “The Bird Hall fire was devastating for our community, and we are thrilled with Ms. Beatty’s plans to restore an historical landmark. Rebuilding the site will greatly benefit East Walpole.”


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