Walpole Small Business Q&A: AudioMax

AudioMax has been open in Walpole since 1999.

You probably see AudioMax every time you get to the set of lights at the corner of Main and East Streets.

Walpole Patch met with owner Michael Harootunian to find out more about his business.

Walpole Patch: How long have you been in business?

MH: I opened in Walpole in February 2001 and have been on my own since 1999. Prior I was located in Foxborough and have been installing professionally since 1994.

Walpole Patch: What is your background?

MH: I have an engineering degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Walpole Patch: Do you do most of the work yourself?

MH:  I do all the work myself and I'm very particular in how things come out. If it doesn't look right, it doesn't leave the shop. It has to function and look 100%. Customers love that I'm very picky. They deal with me at every point of the sale from when they come in, when they need explaining and when it gets installed. Every step is me.

Patch: What makes you different from another audio store?

MH: The difference from any other stores to AudioMax is personal service with someone who cares and of course quality. Quality of parts, quality of service, and quality of installation. Even the best parts will not function correctly if not installed right. Other shops I worked for demanded 15-20 remote starters a day for each installed to get done. There is no way it can be done with any quality control that way. I only get about 4-5 remote starters max done per day.  Quality takes time. Not to mention stereo systems. Anyone can slap a stereo system in and make it go loud. But people are not always looking for "loud."  When I install a stereo system I put the time in to make sure it sounds acoustically accurate. Again, quality in installation.  

For more information call 508-660-9100 or email info@audiomaxonline.com or visit their website at www.audiomaxonline.com.


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